Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A&E Discriminated Against Phil Robertson

A&E discriminated against Phil Robertson by suspending him from the show because of his personal religious belief. (See Bill of Rights, Freedom of Religion)

I find it Preposterous that A&E Would stand up for gay rights, but at the same time deny Robertson his right to express his religious belief's, and freedom of speech. 

Isn't  it strange that gays, who wish not to be discriminated against, because of their sexuality, feel they have the right to discriminate against Phil Robertson, because of his religious beliefs? 

You can never force anyone to believe the way that you believe,  all you can do is ask for mutual respect. 

I for one, do not believe I have the right to make the choice for a gay person, as to how they want to live their life, but by the same token,  they have no right to dictate to me what I'm supposed to believe or not believe. 

It is called freedom. Don't ask me to give you the freedom to choose, and then deny me my freedom. 

Phil Robertson's beliefs are just that,  his beliefs. Just because you don't believe the same way he does,  does not give you the right to negate his beliefs. 

I have friends that are gay and I respect their right to choose,  and do with their God given body what they wish. 

I even have friends that are gay, who belive that being gay is a sin. Just like I know people who have committed adultery,  and done a host of other things that the Bible says are wrong. 

That is between them and their maker, it's none of my business, and how I live my life is none of their business. 

What I'm calling for is mutual respect. I disagree with you and you disagree with me, But I respect your right to live your life as you choose.  As long as you don't try to shove your belief's down my throat,  I won't try to shove my belief's  down your throat.  

You can't fight intolerance by being intolerant yourself.  

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