Saturday, September 30, 2017


Tempers flared up in the fourth quarter of the Friday night game between Sebastopol and Noxapater.

Malik Miller had just scored a touchdown putting Noxapater well ahead of Sebastopol when a referee from The Mississippi High School Activities Association approached Malik Miller and ask, ""Hey, son, did you just cuss me out?"  Malik replied, "No sir."  The referee said, "Yeah, yeah, well people on the sidelines from Sebastopol said you did, so get your "Black Ass" off the field.

I went and told my coach, Cassey Orr, and my coach called a time out and went to talk to the referee, and the referee blew up and went crazy. I scored again and the fans got really amped."

With about a minute and 24 seconds left in the 4th quarter a player from Sebastopol got hurt, and both teams took a knee and became silent as the EMT's carried the player out on a stretcher.

The coaches made both teams go to sideline, and Coach Orr walked over to talk to the referee to see if they were going to call the game.  The referee walked up and shook Coach Orr's hand and acted like he was apologizing, then the referee took off toward the sidelines, and pointed his finger at me, says Malik." About that time, Coach Orr hollered out, "Don't let him get to Malik!"

Malik's aunt, Anitra Whitfield was in the stands, when another parent told her, "One of the referee's just told a football player to get his black ass off the field."  I did not know it was Malik he had said that to.  It seemed like everything had calmed down and the game resumed, but then a Sebastopol player got hurt, and the referee seemed to be apologizing to the coach, but then the referee pointed at Malik and headed toward him.  Malik was sitting on the sideline not bothering anyone.

When Coach Orr hollered out, "Don't let him get to Malik" I took off running to where Malik was.  The coaches and the football team surrounded Malik to protect him, and the other referee grabbed the one who was actring crazy and made him get off the field.  Our coach took Malik and the other football players toward the end of the football field and said, "Get them out of the way."

"I don't want him lose his job", says Anitra, "everyone makes mistakes, but I hope he learns his lesson."  No matter where he works or what he does he is going to have a black on his team, this is not the first time he has done this. Maybe my nephew said something to make him mad, I don't know, but that does not excuse his behavior.  He is suppose to be the adult."

They called the ballgame at 32-6 in favor of Noxapater with about a minute left in the game. That is when the police showed up. This was not a confrontation between the teams, but between the coach, referee and Malik.

"After the game, there were some comments from some people from Sebastopol that said the people from Noxapater don't know respect, which was not the case, parents were just upset that a grown man was coming for a 17 hear old boy", says Anitra Whitfield.

"When our boys were getting on the bus some white females started hollering, "You disrespectful Niggers"

"I was really hurt and upset when two white police officers walked over and apologized to me for the way those white females and the referee acted, and said "It is not us".  I told them,  I know ya'll haven't done a thing."

"I just pray for these people, and don't want anything bad to happen to them , I just want them to learn a lesson."

 This is not the first time this has happened. We experienced this last year at Nanih Waiya when a fan sat on the sidelines talking about the "nigger boy" on our team.

Lakeshia Miller, Malik's mother, was at work when all of this happened.  "We will be filing a complaint, I want to press charges but my son does not want that.  I want the man to learn a lesson, that  no matter the color of a person's skin, you don't go after a child like that. This referee did the same thing last year at Union, and I feel he should have a heart for kids, because kids look up to him."

"I won't press charges, but I want him to know he did wrong and that as a parent I was really hurt.  I would not want him to treat any player on the team that way, no matter the color of their skin."

When I ask Malik how what the referee said to him made him feel, his reply was, "It really gave me a boost in my game and made me play harder.  I wanted to show them that I'm a good guy and we are a good team.  We all make mistakes, and I don't want him to lose his job, I just hope he learns from this.

"There are good and bad in all races, says, Anitra, I just pray for them."

Most of the people in this country are good, decent people, but the ones who are not keep things stirred up among the races.  If we are a Christian nation, it is time we started acting like it, and calling people out and holding them accountable for their actions.

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