Friday, September 28, 2018

Kavanaugh vs Ford: No True Justice on Earth

     Rape victims often do not talk about or file charges when it happens to them. I have been told about a minimum of three recent cases in the last year, and not one has filed charges because they feel shame, or they are simply to embarrassed to come forward, or they are afraid the same thing that is happening to Ford will happen to them. (This does not include all of the women and men I have know over the years that were abused as children by family friends, preachers, relatives, etc).

     All of this political BS constantly being on the news from something that may have happened 36 years ago is making them less likely to come forward, because when it involves politics the victim and the accused are treated viciously by the press and the people. (After watching this circus who would want to come forward?)

     The supposed victim and the accused should both be given the benefit of a doubt, and I would have a really hard time coming up with anyone who has not made bad choices that could keep them from serving their country. (Jesus was the only perfect person and look what they did to him).
     I feel for, and applaud, any victim that is strong enough to come forward, but I also know too many people that have been falsely accused (even of murder, and they are also victims) and suffered for something they did not do. Once an accusation is made, whether innocent or guilty, the person's name is stained forever, and that can be equally as devastating.
      I am more likely to believe the victim when there is nothing to gain other than justice, but when it involves politics or money, I have my doubts. Is it possible that the only people these men supposedly abuse are always from the opposing political party? I think not.
     It is not always easy, but do your best to look at the side opposite of where your natural bias falls, and put yourself in the supposed victim and the accused shoes.  Give them what you would want for yourself.
The following statistics are staggering, but do not include sexual abuse, only rape, and are probably way off when it comes to men, because men are less likely to report........and likely off for women also.

According to the following website:
     1 in 5 women and 1 in 71 men in the United States has been raped in their lifetime.1
Almost half of female (46.7%) and male (44.9%) victims of rape in the United States were raped by an acquaintance. Of these, 45.4% of female rape victims and 29% of male rape victims were raped by an intimate partner.11 

As far as where I put the hammer down, I don't, because there would have to be fair, unbiased information, and I simply can't find that when it comes to Kavanaugh and Ford. Sadly, if it is true it is too late, and the wrong place to address the issue, and equally sad if he is wrongly accused.
     What is most worrisome to me is the fact that many of our courtrooms are not unbiased places that listen to both sides fairly anymore.   
     If a woman were to make a rape allegation against someone powerful, in a court of law where the accused was well liked by those in power, it is not likely they would succeed, and even if they did, the courts would still leave room for appeal in the cases of those they like. It is also likely that if a person were accused, yet innocent, they would be found guilty if they had no money to defend themselves or were not in the "in crowd."
     In a different situation, not so many years ago, I put some college statues on consignment in a jewelry store in Laurel, Mississippi.  The owner was an honest man, and always paid me accordingly.  Unfortunately, when he passed away his son took over and refused to pay me for the statues sold.  When I told him I would take him to court he said, "Go ahead, I play golf with the judge."  I knew right then and there I stood no chance, and sadly many of our courtrooms of today are made up of men such as this.
     Speaking from my own bias, I can't put complete confidence in any man who has moved up so highly in a corrupt system such as this, because they rose from the ranks of courtrooms in America that have lost their true sense of justice, purpose, and fairness.
     Still, we have no choice but to choose from among such people for the highest court of the land, and whether I think Kavanaugh is guilty or innocent, or Ford is a liar or a victim, I must give them both the benefit of a doubt, and without credible evidence to convict, I can not and will not, hold him responsible for an accusation that can not be proven 36 years later in the court of political warfare.
     However, one day, the greatest judge of all, who knows the evil and the good in all men's hearts, will determine the truth, and then true justice will come about, but it won't happen here on Earth, and we should all hope he is more merciful in his judgement of us than we are to others.

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