Saturday, October 12, 2013

Riot at Philadelphia Mississippi Wal-Mart

Maybe not a big city riot, but in the little town of Philadelphia, Mississippi, Police set up shop outside Wal-mart, tonight, after shoppers raided the store,  pushed, shoved and fought over any remaining meats and other items left on the shelves.

After Piggly Wiggly, Vowells,  and other stores rejected EBT cards, recipients were under the impression their EBT cards would not work after midnight because of the government shutdown, those who depend on food stamps to feed their families were in a tissy to get all the food they could, while it was still available.

Customers that rushed to buy all the groceries they could, before the government shutdown affected them, were incensed when they got to the check out counter, and found their cards would not work.

Angry shoppers that had fought to beat others to the food, left their buggies full of produce, meats, and staples in the middle of aisles, and it just became too much for the store to handle, so they had to call the police and shut the store down at 8:30 pm instead of remaining open around the clock, as normal.

According to CBS News, EBT cards began experiencing connectivity issues after a routine test of a backup system at an undisclosed  Xerox location in the Midwest caused an outage at about 10 a.m.The test was part of a regular maintenance schedule, and not related to the government shutdown.

Some people believe this was done intentionally, because it is just a little too convenient for this to have been an accident at a time when pressure is mounting in Washington due to the government shutdown.  This may be just an inkling of what is to come should the shutdown go on much longer. 

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