Sunday, June 12, 2011


Jeff Stewart, Tom Lebenski, and Chris Ethridge

 Rocking the house at Echo Lounge this weekend, were Bo & The Show, and Guest vocalist, Jeff Stewart, of the Southern Rock group, Southbound.  Jeff immediately got into the groove, and funked us out with a Delbert's McClinton song, "Standing On Shaky Ground". 

Randy Harrison, owner, Echo Lounge

Randy Harrison, owner of The Echo Lounge, sat in his usual spot, enjoying the music and the crowd.   Jo and I had a lot of fun just watching the people there having a good time, as they scooted and danced all over the place.

Bo & The Show, a group of musicians that have played together for years, are a refreshing mix of Rock with a little country flavor.  Nothing sounds better to my ears, than to hear great musical talent in sync with each other.  Group members are: Chris Ethridge (Former member of The Flying Burrito Brothers);  Bass, David Zettler; Drums, Tom Lebenski;  Lead Guitar, Bo Denton; Keyboards, and Danny Donadd (Guest drummer).

Chris Ethridge, Jo Johnson, Jeff Stewart
 David Zettler got the crowd moving with "Billy Jean is Not My Lover" and a few other Michael Jackson tunes.  I didn't see any moon walkers in the crowd, but they loved it just the same.  They also blessed us with some Beatles tunes like, "Back in the USSR" and "Christ You Know it Ain't Easy", even throwing in a little Johnny Cash (Folsom Prison Blues), and Willie Nelson (Whiskey River), pleasing everyone in the crowd.

While Chris Ethridge, (Flying Burrito Brothers) ,took his place in the back, occasionally having a seat, he is no small member of the group. Chris has played bass live, or on albums, of the greatest of the greats;  from the Rolling Stones, Linda Ronstadt, Gram Parsons, Johnny Winter, Leon Russell, Jackson Browne, Willie Nelson, Johnny Rivers , Ry Cooder, The International Submarine Band,  Judy Collins, Randy Newman, to name a few, and we are blessed here locally, with his talent.

It was Chris who taught me the difference a great bass player makes in a band.  I heard a band he use to play with, without him one night, and could not believe it was the same band.  The difference was amazing, no bass, no Chris, no oomph!

Chris is also a prolific songwriter, and together with Gram Parsons, brought us such tunes as "Hot Burrito #1" (I'm your toy), and "Hot Burrito #2", they also wrote "She" which went on to be recorded by Singer/Songwriter/Actress, Nora Jones.  Interestingly enough, radio refused to play "I'm your Toy", as it was a little to risque' for the times. 

Chris also dabbles with the keyboards a little bit, and despite being a great musician, he remains one of the most humble human beings I have ever met.   Although I love to hear Chris sing, I've have yet to hear him sing a song out in public, he prefers to be in the background, doing what he loves best, playing bass.

The band he plays with are all seasoned musicians, and I absolutely loved, guest vocalist, Jeff Stewart (former lead vocalist for the band, "Pearl River"), and guest drummer, Danny Donadd, who filled in for David Zettler, when David took over lead vocals for a while.

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