Monday, July 11, 2011

Was it Really Beasley Denson's Fault There is Going to Be a New Tribal Election?

According to public statements issued by Miko Beasley Denson, he was forced into delivering the tie vote that triggered a new election, because Phyliss Anderson and Kevin Edwards refused to recuse themselves from the vote. 
     Vickie Rangel and Mack Jimmie, who filed the complaint, had requested that council members running for office should recuse themselves from the vote, because it was a conflict of interest.
           The Tribal council goes by what is called, "Robert's Rules" (common rules and procedural guidelines for holding meetings fairly.)
According to Robert's Rules,  in order for any measure to pass, there must be a 2/3 majority.  
     "Beasley was the first one to stand up and say, "I can't vote on this," says Gwen Willis, but then Anderson and Edwards said they were going to vote, so Beasley voted too.  We are not for Beasley, we are for honesty.  If our leaders continue to break this law, it opens the door for other laws to be broken.  This is not about her (Anderson) and it is not about him (Denson), it is about the law."
     Willis goes on to say, "My sisters are mad at me cause Beasley is still in office, but we felt this issue was more important."
     Many people were left with the impression that Miko Beasley Denson was holding up the election because he had something to hide or that he was a sore loser.  However, upon further investigation into the matter, this does not appear to be the case.
          The grievances that were filed by Vickie Rangel and Mack Jimmie, were complaints filed on two issues.  The first issue was about tribal election laws, that state, the polls are to close promptly at 8:00.  "There were two hundred people waiting in line, and those people were allowed to vote after 8:00.  "Those were not valid votes, says Rangel, and should not have been counted." (It should also be noted that this is a problem that has arisen at many US voting sites, and has had to be addressed. For newspapers to say it is some obscure law, is pure rubbish.)
     It should also be noted that Vickie Rangel is not a supporter of Miko Beasley Denson, in fact, she has tried to rally people to vote against him, and her complaint was filed against him allowing the polls to stay open past the designated time to close. 
     A new election is bitter sweet for her because she says, "Sometimes when you win, you lose."
     The second grievance that was filed, was on a new voting site in Henry, TN.  "The election started on the 8th, and they did not approve the site until the 12th, and you can not pass a law that is an ex post facto law or a retroactive law (ex post facto law (from the Latin for "from after the action") or retroactive law is a law that retroactively changes the legal consequences (or status) of actions committed or relationships that existed prior to the enactment of the law) after the election has already started, it was not an approved voting site prior to the start of the election, and no boundaries have been drawn for that voting site.  The 27 voters that voted there are not valid voters, says Rangel, they need to go to a valid voting site, but It would be ok for the next election."
     Gwen Willis is undecided who she will vote for, and Rangel says, "A good leader forgets about themselves and does what is right.  I was for Anderson, but if she wont' stand up on this law, will she be able to uphold our laws?"
      The fact that there is going to be a third and possible fourth round of voting does not mean the Choctaw system is broken, rather it means that it is working, and the rest of the United States should be so lucky. 
     Although it was a very proud day in Choctaw, Mississippi, as Phyliss Anderson was elected the first female chief of the Choctaw Tribe, it will be an even prouder day, when the election process is proven to be in harmony with the voters, and the winner, totally free from any stain, sets the issue to rest.
A new election was held, and Phyliss Anderson, by a larger margin than before, was once again selected by the people to lead Pearl River Resort.  She brings a lot of positive energy and hope to the tribe, as well as employees of the resort.  We all wish her well, and a bright future.


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