Monday, May 16, 2011

Older Than America
When I moved back to this area, and became friends with many Native American Choctaw's, I noticed they all had last names that were first names, like; Nikki, and Sam, so I ask why.  Their answer was that when the Catholic Missionaries came through, they could not pronounce their names, so they took away their native names, and gave them names they could pronounce. The native name was shortened, or a surname was chosen.

Older Than America is a story based on the horrors that occured at a Native American boarding school in Minnesota, and the ensuing cover up by the Catholic Church, in much the same way they have tried to cover up the sexual abuse of children.  Many sinister things have been done in the name of God, when God would have had nothing to do with their evil.

Older Than America is one of the most beautiful, moving, well written, and produced films I have ever seen.  Not only did Native American's have their language, their religion, and their heritage stripped from them, but their children were subjected to murder and physical and sexual abuse.  Those Native Americans who knew the truth were deemed insane,  put into mental hospitals, and subjected to electric shock to remove their memories, all at the hands of the Catholic Church.

The movie is the story of a young Native American girl who starts having  dreams and visons, and becomes afraid that she has the same mental problems that put her mother into a mental hospital, and in the process discovers a frightening truth.

Georginia Lightning, Native American award winning writer/director/producer of this epic film states, "The film covers the root of the problem that caused our Native nation to be in the state that it is in today -- the film exposes the reality of the murders and violence that happened in the Indian boarding school systems across the United States and Canada.  Georginia's father was one of the victims of their abuse, and committed suicide when she was 18.

I hope you will watch this movie and realize what can happen when one group is singled out because their belief system is not the same as the masses.  You can watch an interview with Georginia on the following youtube video.

You can also see a trailer of the movie at:

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