Monday, July 16, 2012

Politics: A Tale of Three Wolves: Which One Will You Feed?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Yet that is what the American voter does year after year, voting along party lines, hoping for a change that never comes.  

A good friend of mine, World War ll veteran, Frank Richardson, sums it up pretty well.  "We are becoming a dictatorship, everything I fought against in World War ll.  First they required me to have a license to drive on the roads we built, told us the unpasteurized milk we grew up drinking was not healthy for us, then they required me to have car insurance, required me to wear a seat belt, and now they are going to fine me if I don't have health insurance."

"I've driven all over this country for 72 years and never wore a seat belt, I went to Germany and fought the Germans, got bombed three times, in three different army vehicles,and never wore a seat belt, and I survived, I drank unpasteurized milk and I survived, I don't go to the doctor, I just take a good dose of Castor oil about every six months, and I survived."

Our forefathers braved tempestuous seas, the cold of a mini ice age, disease, starvation and war so we could have the freedoms we sit back on our haunches and allow to be taken from us.

We live in a country full of whooshes that think they need to be protected from everything, and told what to eat, what to drink, what to wear, what to smoke, and what to do with their body given to them by our creator.

In New York it is so bad there will soon be a law banning the selling of  coke products that are over 16 ounces, and you are prohibited from giving food to a homeless shelter if it does not meet dietary guidelines.

You can be labeled a smuggler into the United States if you grow a garden, and sell any of your tomatoes to a neighbor, and a felon if you step into an orange grove in Florida.

Men and women are being disenfranchised (their right to vote taken from them) for things like the possession of Marijuana, or a felony DUI,  failure to pay child support, liquor law violations, drunkenness, curfew, and loitering, just to name a few.  Felonies use to be reserved for violent crimes, but not anymore.

If a person has paid for their crimes they should have their rights restored because this country was founded on "No taxation without Representation." And before you get your panties or shorts in a wad because I'm talking about people labeled criminals here, what makes you think you are not next?

We just saw a pastor in Phoenix Arizona fined over $12,000. and sentenced to 60 days in jail for holding a Bible study class in his home, because it was a violation of zoning laws.  The pastor was charged with not having emergency exit signs over the doors, handicap parking spaces, and not having handicap ramps.

From red lights that take your picture as you go through them, tracking devices on your cell phone, to tag readers that can tell the police where you are and where you have been, asset forfeiture laws, to little black boxes in your vehicle to record any wrecks you have, to drone's that are allowed to fly over the United States and spy on us.  All of these things are suppose to keep us safe from ourselves, and safe from the criminal element.  

Most people's reply is, if your not doing anything wrong, then you don't have anything to worry about.  The only criminal element they have overlooked are the ones in government that want to control every aspect of their lives, and are the biggest criminals of all, and they want what you have.  

Everything is always done under the guise of "Protecting" us.  It is always to catch the bad guy, but with every day that goes by, being human is slowly being turned into a crime. There are no saints.

A great Native American proverb tells the story of a grandfather talking to his grandson.  He tells his grandson about two wolves that are at war with each other. One wolf is vicious and violent. It is full of fear, hatred, anger, and destruction. The other wolf, however, is kind and peaceful. It is full of love, joy, gentleness, and goodness. These two wolves, the elder explains, are forever at war with each other inside of us. The boy then asks the elder which wolf will win. The elder smiles and says, "the one you feed."

However, our country can be likened to a tale of three wolves, two of them have their own agenda, and one represents the people.  One wants to enslave and socialize you into the system, and take the responsibility off of your shoulders and put it onto the shoulders of everyone else, and the other wants to rip off the little man and leaving him begging for crumbs; both want to enslave you, they just have different approaches to the same goal.

They both spend like there is no tomorrow, have trampled your freedom's, spent us into a debt so great that we may soon find ourselves in the same situation as Greece, Portugal, Iceland, Spain, and countless other countries, and take they take your vote for granted.

They drink and party on your dime, give themselves lavish health plans, raises, and a retirement plan we could only dream about; all for serving 4 years in office, and exempt themselves from the same laws they require you to obey.

 The third wolf  is The Libertarian Party, they take the good from both parties and create balance. and are the only party that truly represents the people. 

Washington won't change unless you make it change, and if you continue to believe no other party can win, and are so hell bent on voting for one party, because you think they are the lessor of two evils, then no, no other party can win.  However, if you want to give Washington a wake up call, then vote both parties out of office.

Your forefathers died for change, all you have to do is vote.

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