Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Newton Mississippi Native making waves with new CD


"Strong Medicine" is a collection of songs written during Jimbeau Hinson's wretched 30 year battle with the AIDS virus.  You can buy the album, and read more about Jimbeau at the following web addresses or ;.

The first time I heard the name, Jimbeau Hinson, was in the mid 80's.  I was going to college, and working part-time as a waitress.  One of my co-workers was A feisty, funny, red head by the Name of Frances Hinson.  She told me her son, Jimbeau, was a songwriter in Nashville.

Years later, a series of events led me to try my hand at songwriting, and I became a coordinator for Nashville Songwriters Association International, and as a result, made trips to Nashville and back for various seminars.  Always looking for new talent to record demos for me, I enlisted the beautiful voice of Marci Hollingsworth, from Decatur, Mississippi

One day Marci ask me if a friend of her mother's could catch a ride to Nashville with me.  It just so happens it was Frances Hinson.  On the way to Nashville, she told me a little about her son;  She said he had written "Setting Fancy Free" for the Oak Ridge Boys", and that he had remained single until he was about 31, and then met, and married,  the love of his life, Brenda Fielder. 

Jimbeau's sister met us in Nashville, and that was the last time I saw Frances, but not the last time I would hear the name, Jimbeau Hinson.  His name would soon pop up in almost every crowd or songwriting event I attended in Nashville.

I was in the audience at, "The Broken Spoke", a big hangout for aspiring and successful songwriters and Artist  in Nashville.  A girl, don't recall her name, sang and played a killer song called, "The Hands of a Working Man". Being a writer, great lines in a great song always grab my attention, so I had to ask, "Who wrote that?"  The answer that came back was, Jimbeau Hinson.

About that time, a group called, "The Leavin' Brothers",  was making it's rounds, and getting the attention of some major record labels.  I was invited to a party where they were playing, and they played a song whose lyrics were so strong they jumped out at me, and I had to ask, "who wrote those lines?", the answer that came back was, "Jimbeau Hinson".  It seemed wherever I went,  if there were some great lyrics in a song that totally blew me away, they were usually written by Jimbeau.  At this time I had never met him, but his presence as a songwriter was everywhere.

I came to know a lot of songwriters around town, and one day Jimbeau's name came up, and the person told me what was suppose to be a well guarded secret, "Jimbeau Hinson has AIDS.

 Eventually, I heard  Jimbeau playing out at writers nights,  and became friends with he and his wife Brenda. I have never met a sweeter, kinder, more "In love" couple than Jimbeau and Brenda, and I believe that is why he writes such AMAZING love songs.

In 2003 a huge tornado tore through the little town of Newton Mississippi, Jimbeau's home town, reeking havoc, and tearing homes and businesses asunder.

 I ask Jimbeau if he would be interested in doing a benefit.  He said,  "Sure.

"Penned, "Jimbeau's Big Wind Wing Dang Do", Jimbeau came down with a group of heavy weights from Nashville; Jeffrey Steele (Singer/songwriter, lead singer for Boy Howdy,  Host on Nashville Star), Ray Herndon (McBride and the Ride), The Sommerville Brothers from New York,  and Marc Allan Barnette.

Some of the most beautiful songs in my collection are songs written and recorded by Jimbeau.  His new CD "Strong Medicine" is no exception. For a sample watch this Youtube video

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