Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Senator Chris McDaniel: A Man of the People.

I became familiar with Sen. Chris McDaniel several years back, when he wrote an article in the Laurel Leader Call,  in Jones county Mississippi.

I really didn't expect to hear back from him, but I did.  I was impressed  by the fact that he took the time,  not only to respond to my letter, but he wanted to find out why I felt the way I did, and welcomed a discussion.
This is an excerpt from the letter I wrote him;

I keep hearing over and over about "Undisciplined children in school" and how the parents just drop them off.  The problem is not with the parents when they have a difficult child.  When I started keeping records one child in 350 had Autism, that number is down to every one in every 100 children born in this country, (now 1 in every 75) this does not include the ADHD statistics.  I would think someone would want to be finding out why.

If you have never struggled with a difficult child it is so easy to blame the parents, but I've seen parents do everything humanly possible to help their children to no avail.  When you have a difficult child, the school does not WANT you involved, they want them out of the school because of their poor grades bringing down their scores.  They want children that excel with minimal help and if your child needs extra help, God help you.

This is an excerpt from the letter he wrote me back; 

I agree with you that children with ADHD or other associated learning disorders need our help.

My wife is a public school teacher, as was her mother for 34 years and my father for 32 years.  I have volunteered thousands -- yes, thousands -- of my own dollars to assist and help school-age children.  I have also volunteered my time.  Likewise, I have been a strong supporter of education since my election to the Senate.

Put simply, I've been involved in public education for my entire life.  And I will continue to fight for it and the children who need my help.

I wish you the best.  If you have any further comments or suggestions, please feel free to call me anytime.  I would welcome a discussion with you.

Sen. McDaniel

What impressed me about him was that he truly seemed to care about how I felt, and he wanted to know why I felt the way I did.  He struck me as a man that is truly concerned about the children of our state and their education.

We desperately needs leaders that have spent time in the education field, and understand things from a teacher's, and a parent's point of view.  Far to often the problems are not with the teachers or the parents, but with the politicians and administrators that war against both parties.

Electing men to office that have the people's best interest at heart, instead of men that can't think past getting elected again is desperately needed by our country.

While politicians like Delbert Hosemann are running around trying to dig up dirt, and wasting their time pointing out that McDaniel may have once voted Democrat in an election, (see article in The Clarion Ledger) http://www.clarionledger.com/article/20131112/NEWS010504/131112017/Chris-McDaniel-disputes-records-saying-he-voted-Democrat-2003 McDaniel is talking about the issues.. Who cares if he once voted Democrat? Not me, I'm more likely to vote for a man that votes his conscience rather than party lines. What you might want to ask yourself is, what is the Mississippi Republican Party so afraid of?

Why does The Clarion Ledger try and point out McDaniel as an ULTRA CONSERVATIVE, then try and paint him as a Democratic voting liberal?  Why do politicians like Hosemann spend more time looking for dirt than they do talking about the issues and serving the great people of this state?

I'll tell you why.  Republican and Democrat POLITICIANS alike are afraid of men of principal, men who don't care if they get re-elected, men that want to do what they believe is right, men that wont' be told what to do, and won't play politics, men that actually stand for something, men that are not selfish and out to grab power and land lucrative contracts to make them rich, but are out to actually serve the people who elected them to office.

I have been following Senator McDaniel for some time now, and I have seen a man that believes in The Constitution of The United States,  the rights of the people, limited government, a balanced budget, creating jobs, and education. You can't get much better than that.

 The time is now to vote for real change!  Bye, bye Senator Thad Cochran, Hello Senator Chris McDaniel.


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