Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lake Mississipp: Woman Beaten and Tortured, Suspect in Custody!

A couple of Mississippi school children walked into their home in Lake Mississippi to find a house of horrors; blood everywhere and their mother missing.

"There was so much blood, the police declared it a murder scene", says an undisclosed source.   "It appeared someones head had been pushed through a TV screen, and then they had been beaten with a baseball bat"

While the police searched for the woman, presumed to be dead, she managed to escape from the place she was being held captive , while the perpetrator was asleep, and find her way to a neighbor's house, where the police were called.

She had been brutally and sadistically tortured, and beaten.

 Scott County police have a suspect in custody, but it is an on going investigation, so they are not releasing any information. 

According to my source, she believes the suspect is a black male,  that was out on bond pending a murder investigation, and it is possible the victim knew him.

Say a prayer for the woman, who is in the hospital, possibly fighting for her life, and her precious children.

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